Q: When is your catalog coming out?
A: Our catalog is usually printed in Feb/March every other year and is available at the end of March. If you are a retailer in our trade area
(See map) and have not received a catalog from us before, let us know and we’ll deliver or mail one to you.
Q: What are your minimums for prepaid shipping?
A: If the shipment is within 50 miles of one of our warehouses or we can ship the order on our truck, the minumum for prepaid shipment is $75. Otherwise our minimum for free shipping is $500 within our trade area. There are some exceptions by item (See the Terms page here or in the catalog) due to bulk and / or weight. Our company requires no minimum order amount.
Q: Do you accept credit cards for payment?
A: We do accept payments by Visa and MasterCard. However we may limit the payment amount so ask us for details.
Q: Where do I find answers to questions about my VPG stock?
A: Contact VPG at (903) 583-5501. Or you can write to VPG, Box 460, Bonham, TX 75418 with your question.
Q: How do I get my early order cash dividend on my Ferti*Lome / Natural Guard early order?
A: If your order is placed on a Ferti*Lome booking form and is greater than $750, upon receipt of your early order and the Gard’n-Wise invoice, send a copy of the invoice to VPG, Box 460, Bonham, TX 75418. You can expect the check from them within 2 weeks.
Q: Can we get information for our computer from Gard’N-Wise electronically?
A: Yes, we can provide purchase history and price lists on disk or to a confirmed and secure e-mail address. We provide this in CSV text format.